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Energy Performance Certificate Ltd

Energy efficiency may not seem like anything glamorous, but we love it! It’s something really important to us, and, in fact, it should be important to everyone.

Why? Firstly, because it can help you save money. By making sure your home is as energy efficient as possible, you’ll find that your energy bills come in a lot lower.

Secondly, domestic energy inefficiency accounts for a huge chunk of the UK’s carbon emissions. By making your home more energy efficient, you’ll be helping the UK fight climate change. What’s not to love?

London EPC Certificates prices


1 bedroom flat


2-5 bedroom flat


1 bedroom house


2-5 bedroom house

Our services

EPC Certificates

Save energy and money with the helpful recommendations from an EPC Certificate.

Electrical Certificate

Get an Electrical Certificate as proof of the safety and condition of electronics.

Emergency lighting

Check the condition of vital emergency lighting, a legal necessity for public buildings.

PAT testing

Test the appliances in your home or commercial space to make sure they are safe to use.

What you get with Energy Performance Certificate Ltd

We pride ourselves on our commitment to service, and to making sure you have a good experience with us. You can expect:

🗲 A friendly, unobtrusive visit
🗲 An experienced, qualified technician
🗲 An explanation of what we’re doing, as we do it
🗲 A fantastic, competitive price
🗲 Top rate advice on how to save energy

We’re convinced that you will be thrilled with the service we provide. Why not give us a call and get your EPC soon? You can save energy, save money and help save the world!