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Fire alarms are such an important part of modern safety, and something we all rely on. It goes without saying that a functioning fire alarm will save lives, so it’s important to make sure a fire alarm is installed, and working properly. If you need fire alarm services in London, we can help.

Fire Alarm Certificates: why get one?

Every building needs some kind of fire alarm system to ensure residents and the public are safe. Fire alarms ensure that we are alerted in good time in case of a fire, saving lives and potentially property damage. As you’d expect, fire alarms are a legal requirement, and should be tested regularly. When you have a fire alarm inspection, if the fire alarm system is in good working order, you’ll receive a Fire Alarm Certificate as evidence of that fact. Whether you’re a landlord, or any other property owner, you need to have a Fire Alarm Certificate.

Fire alarm installation

In the UK, the vast majority of businesses need to have some kind of fire alarm system in place. Only for the smallest and simplest businesses is this not a legal requirement. This is also true of landlords, who will need an appropriate number of smoke detectors across the building. Obviously, not having a fire alarm could potentially have catastrophic consequences, so the penalties for not complying with these rules are high!

Thankfully, we offer a comprehensive fire alarm installation service, whether you’re a business owner or landlord. We’ll discuss your building’s needs with you and help determine what the most appropriate type of fire alarm installation is for you. There are a number of different types of fire alarm system, so you’ll want to get something that suits your needs.

Types of fire alarm system

There are a few types of fire alarm systems, and what you will end up wanting installed will depend on a number of factors. For example, if you are responsible for a particularly large property, you may need a more advanced or complex system. Below you can see a few of the different types of system you can choose from.

Conventional fire alarm system
A low cost, widely used system. This system won’t be able to identify where a fire is, but can be wired into zones in some cases to help give a rough idea. This is very popular with small businesses.

Wireless fire alarm system
A fire alarm system requiring no cables or wires. This is quickly becoming the more popular system, and installation is much cleaner and simpler. Businesses such as shops or restaurants that need to take aesthetics into account like wireless fire alarm systems because they are so much more discrete.

Addressable fire alarm system
An advanced, high-end fire alarm system. Each device connected to the system has its own address, so you can identify exactly where a fire has started. These much more sophisticated systems are ideal for bigger or more complex buildings.

Regardless of your fire alarm needs, we’re able to give expert advice on your unique situation and which installation would be best for you. We’ll run you through your options, what we think is best and why, and carry out the installation with minimal fuss!

Fire alarm servicing

It’s important to maintain your fire alarm system. As part of our comprehensive fire alarm servicing, we’ll examine your system and carry out any repairs, upgrades or changes that are required to make it is as effective as possible. Servicing is really important to ensure fire alarms are kept in good condition and will work when you need it to: it’s not something you want to take a chance with. Just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to advise you.